Nissahub is our partner for the development and management of industry projects based on AI technologies, covering sustainable manufacturing domain

Promoted systems:


Cog4Sol Cognition-driven predictive maintenance of Solar power plants

The vision is to create a new generation of the predictive maintenance solutions for middle-sized solar power plants which use the advanced AI and data analytics methods for predicting/analysing not only the trends in generated solar energy, but also the status of the entire solar and manufacturing infrastructure enabling a holistic predictive maintenance.

Main tangible outcomes are the system (SaaS) for holistic predictive maintenance for solar power systems and Cyber Physical Systems (CPS)-based infrastructure for easy deployable sensing for sustainable manufacturing.

The basis for the development of the proposed approach is the data which is collected from the solar power system (as energy production system) and the manufacturing process. The focus of the data processing approach is on acquisition, processing, and analysis of historical field data as well as the generation of respective data-driven models. In the nutshell, this leads to a digital replica of the assets, aka Digital Twin, whereas the intention to develop powerful operational models of the asset behaviour to be used in the maintenance analysis, incl. the possibility to react proactively on the so called early indicators of unusual behaviour.


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H2020 Innovation Action – This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement N. 101017057


CognEcoQuality Cognition-driven eco-aware process quality


The vision is to enable SME-affordable (inexpensive, less interaction with domain experts and easy to deploy) process quality monitoring services, which consider product quality in the context of environmental friendliness and energy consumption, assuring so called eco-aware process quality, one of the key concept for realizing sustainable manufacturing.

Main goal is to develop (based on KITT4SME support and reusing existing assets of the solution provider SME), deploy and validate an AI-based software-hardware system for enabling a comprehensive monitoring, analysis and improvement of the eco-aware process quality in the manufacturing end user SME, with a very clear exploitation intension to offer that kind of the products/services for Europa-wide manufacturing SMEs

The basis for the development of the proposed approach is the data which is collected from manufacturing process related to the three main factors/waste of environmental footprint: Energy, Emission and Anomalies (material waste), measured in a non-intrusive way (without a direct intervention with machines), using external sensors (energy, air quality) and cameras. This heterogenous data will be processed using advanced AI methods to develop comprehensive models of the process behaviour regarding eco-aware process quality. Main challenge is to develop models for an efficient detection of new situatons when some eco aspects will be challenged (anomalies) and to understand how to react, realizing eco-aware process quality assurance.

The solution uses KITT4SME AIQuS Component (AI for Quality Systems)

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