Research & Development

The Foundation of Everything We Do

Why to Collaborate?

Research and development through collaboration is the foundation of everything we do. Collaborative research is the main driver for the innovations in our products and services.  We have developed innovative technologies in different domains which have inspired us to extend the functionalities and usability of our products and services. We validate research results in large-scale trials which are driven by realistic requirements and strong user involvement. We are continuously searching for research opportunities in different application domains.

Industry projects: If you have a problem related to big data, real-time processing, mobile processing in various application areas and need support in solving it.

  • We can help you by delivering efficient, scalable, reliable solutions based on the state of the art technologies and the newest research results.

Research projects: If you need a technical, integration and exploitation partner with a huge experience in advance real-time, big data and mo
bile processing.

  • We can help in developing highly competitive solutions.

  • We can lead to innovation management activities.

Partnership: If you need partners or want to enter the market of the Western Balkans countries.

  • We can be a local partner for your business in Western Balkans and bring new use cases.

Selected Projects