IoT & Mobile Processing

Context is King

Why Mobile Processing is a Must!?

Mobile phone users across the globe are constantly increasing. In 2017 global share of Internet users consuming content via a mobile device will reach 90%. Among many reasons for this mobile revolution is the fact that mobile apps get access to richer context because all phones today are equipped with many sensors. By making use of their data through complex mobile processing, apps can achieve “context awareness” that can dramatically increase their capabilities and value. This is why mobile processing is indispensable in all use cases where context awareness is essential for making core features of the system work and add value.

We have developed My Cardio Advisor the solution for personalized and contextualized remote monitoring ideal for chronic illness management, long term care and fitness activities alike.

The following video shows an example of remote care and the essential role of mobile processing in it:


Context-awareness is the idea that an app can sense and react based on the contextual data it has access to. Such an app makes use of rich sensor data that is available on a mobile device to provide accurate and relevant information to the user in the appropriate context. Through trends it observes over the course of usage of the device, and/or through feedback provided by the user, such an app can actually “learn” over time, thereby becoming “smarter” and more useful. By using our machine learning technology we can pick up any sensor data in real-time, make it “smart” and place it in any relevant context. This enables us to create patterned smart alarms and recommendations in real-time.

What Is Different And New?

Our unique approach to our solutions and robust, novel technology is what makes us different:

  • Advanced levels of context – task context, besides mobile IoT, social and historical context

  • Smart, real-time, alarms and recommendations instead of passive statistics

  • Defining personal complex rules for awareness creation

  • Customized services to fit the exact needs of the business

Where does Our Solution add Value?

In any case where local mobile processing and context-awareness is necessary our solution can be extremely useful, whether the goal is cost-cutting, increasing efficiency or remote monitoring. The domains in which our solution has proved its mettle are:

  • Fitness and wellness

  • Social care

  • Logistics

  • Business process improvement

Fitness Case Example: Complex Mobile Processing enables Gamification

This video demonstrates how our solution adds value for all those people having trouble to stay motivated for regular workouts.

To engage and to gamify is to make something more interesting and appealing. Whether we want to start with something not so fun or something hard, or we want to make our daily routines or business task a lot more interesting, gamification is the answer. Our solution is to use big data processing and analytics technologies to support gamification concepts and gamify anything, anywhere, anytime.

For instance, all people need to be physically active in order to stay healthy. Most of them need some additional support to start with workouts or to motivate themselves to continue and improve their training. 150 million people use some kind of wearables, most of them for fitness/well-being purposes. About half of them are not satisfied, and abandon the usage of wearables within 6 months.

We argue that if we could engage those demotivated users and use the gamification approach, they will continue using wearables. All we need is a technology and platform to support it and WE HAVE IT!