Big Data Management

Big Data to Big Value

An End-to-End Solution as a Service for Your Big Data problem

There is no more doubt that every business generates a huge amount of data, but in most cases, the data is being wasted. Nowadays everybody is aware of this Big Data phenomenon but why most companies don’t exploit this resource in the right and effective way? The answer is: because it is too expensive, time-consuming and complicated.

At Nissatech we have successfully developed a technology for Big Data management. And now we are in the process of developing a Data Diagnostic Laboratory, an end-to-end solution for Big Data management that is efficient affordable and easy to use.

The Domains We Have Tested Our Solution For:

We are able to adapt our platform solution to meet the exact needs of your business, and also, we can offer you our knowledge of the domain to help you adopt this innovation effectively and in a very short time. Our solution works best for the following domains:

  • Detecting unusual service behaviour

  • Quality assurance

  • Predictive maintenance

  • Targeted marketing & customer churn

  • Logistic process

How Innovative (main advantages):

  • Usage of sophisticated machine learning algorithms implemented on top of Big data platforms such as Hadoop, Spark and Storm, depending on your needs

  • Solutions relying on a wide sphere of algorithms, from descriptive algorithms like clustering and collaborative filtering to predictive algorithms such as anomaly detection, classification and prediction

  • Enabling scalable multi-dimensional analyses of huge datasets: we don’t need to sample the data, we can analyze the whole dataset

  • And all of that being executed on a cluster of machines giving you amazingly fast insights into your data

What Are The Benefits:

  • Reduce costs: the need for reducing costs and waste in complex processes with many parameters to be correlated

  • Improve quality: demand for checking/updating process parameters (e.g. thresholds) defined by experts (long ago)

  • Increase revenue: plan for finding opportunity for exploiting data for optimizing processes

  • Offer new services: providing new services based on data analytics

Detecting Unusual Service Behavior & Anomaly Detection

The main source of lower efficiency in modern enterprise systems is caused by some deviations from normal behaviour. Consequently, the “unusuality” should be detected as early as possible in order to enable timely reaction. However, the main challenge is related to defining the right distance depending on the nature of the dataset (past data), which influences the false positive rate (precision).

Our technology has been specialized for the efficient calculation of the similarity in multidimensional spaces and extremely large datasets (using the most appropriate distance measure). This ensures very early and precise detection of unusual behaviour in large problem/process spaces.

Quality Assurance

The goal of our quality assurance solution is to guarantee the high quality of your product and services with less effort and resources by exploiting the power of big data.

Our technology supports multivariant analysis of quality parameters and detects variations from usual behaviour very efficiently. This enables early detection of quality problems, precise discovering of their root cause and acting accordingly.

Predictive Maintenance

The goal of our predictive maintenance solution is to prevent asset failure, detect quality issues and improve the operational processes of your business. We collect all relevant data from multiple sources in real-time, process it and analyse it using advanced predictive analytics that can detect even minor anomalies and failure patterns.

The early warning of pending problems is very useful because it helps your business to deploy limited resources wisely and effectively. Scheduled maintenance costs much less time and money than an unexpected one.

Targeted Marketing & Customer Churn

The goal of our solution is to enable highly personalized service offering to individual customer. It will increase customer loyalty and avoid customer churn. Moreover, our solution enables full engagement of customers and makes them prosumers, i.e. co-creators of innovative services. Our technology enables the detection of common characteristics of customers who are churning, spotting the weak spots of your business and supporting proactive reaction in case of customer churn. Technology is based on novel algorithms for personal big data analytics and scalable clustering of massive real-time data.