Innovation Management

The Imperative of Modern Business

From Idea to Value

Innovation has become the management’s new imperative. While the strategy is about achieving objectives, innovation is about discovery, you never know exactly where you’re going until we get there. To help this process become less painful and predictable we offer you our expertise and experience. We offer services dedicated to supporting our customers in the innovation process, finding novel solutions for important problems.

The goal is not just to make innovation works and develop new technology, but to make it add value to the business, to increase it’s efficiency or create additional revenue through new services. This process is parallel with the development and it is also a core part of our innovation management service.

How We Can Help

Five steps of our innovation management service:

  1. Innovation requirement analysis

  2. Assess innovation capability

  3. Find and pilot the best solution

  4. Make a strategy for the innovation process

  5. Management of innovation process

Where We Can Help

We have vast experience in solving innovation problems in the following domains:

  • Big data processing and analytics

  • Moblie processing

  • Remote monitoring (eHealth, eFitness)

  • Customer / employee engagement