Innovation Consulting

Advice is a Packed Knowledge & Experience

  • Innovation consulting trough knowledge and experience

  • We Offer You Our Knowledge and Experience

    Innovation consulting is a part of our service dedicated to support our customers in innovating their products and services by introducing real-time awareness in their business. We help our customers to:

    • Articulate their need for a new technology and give an overview of the existing solutions (“Technology scan“)

    • Express their requirements for new technologies and evaluate their impact in the particular context (“Feasibility study“)

    • Prove the efficiency of a technology in a controlled environment (“Proof of the concept“)

    • Create value trough increased efficiency or new services (“Business process improvement”)

  • Business Consulting:

    • Lean startup for developing new technologies and novel solutions

    • Business development and strategic consulting in the IT domain.

    • Business Process Management, specialized in event-driven BPM

    • Business modeling, especially for the event-driven business systems

    • Knowledge management

    • Innovation management

    • Service Engineering

    • Green Business

    • Smart energy-efficient systems

  • knowledge to business improvement

  • knowledge to technology improvement

  • Technology Consulting

    • Enterprise IT Architecture consulting for manufacturing and services companies.

    • Event-driven architecture and its application in business systems

    • Consulting related to manufacturing IT systems and interoperability between manufacturing and enterprise business processes.

    • Conceptualization of enterprise wide real-time business intelligence (BI) solutions.

    • IT Project and Program Management.

    • Green IT